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We Are The Most Trusted Visa and Immigration Consultant

SHERAZI TOURS provides the best immigration consultants for Study Visa services, Skilled Immigration, Business Immigration and Visit Visa.


Only an experienced veteran can guide you the best. That’s why all of our counselors are the ones who have a hands-on experience with the challenges of the process.


At SHERAZI Immigration, our goal isn’t just to get you a visa from some foreign country because that’s just the beginning. Our chat portals will remain active for you in case of some assistance is needed even after you have landed there.


A precise and well-built plan which specifically addresses your preferences. In this domain, the only good plan is the plan which efficiently caters to your needs.



Welcome to the Sherazi Tours your one stop solution for visa services for china, UK, America, Poland, Purtagal and many others. As a leading visa consultant in Lahore, we help you obtain permanent residency by providing you with the best immigration consultation. A renowned and leading company providing tourist, business, and student visa services in Lahore, Pakistan. As a travel company, we offer services that travelers find valuable. Among the many offered by the best visa agents in Lahore is the Russian tourist visa program, as well as Malaysian, Singaporean, and Japanese visa services.

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Why We Are Best Visa Consultant in Lahore?

Our company has helped more than 1 million people realize their overseas dream since its inception in 2009. Continental Immigration helps an increasing number of Lahore residents to obtain a visa for abroad. Numerous people come to our offices every day seeking Free Counseling services, coming from all walks of life. With Continental Immigration Lahore, you always receive unbiased advice on shortlisting the countries based on the likelihood of you getting a visa and your future prospects.

A leading immigration consultant, Sherazi Tours is located in Lahore, Pakistan. As one of the leading consultants in International Education, we also offer our services in Lahore. We are also the top tourist visa agents in Lahore. The visa and immigration industry has indeed carved out a niche for us over the past 10 years of quality service and success stories.

With a focus on providing international education, business development, and investment services, Continental Immigration Lahore assists you with your plans to Study Overseas, Work Overseas, Visit Overseas, and Migrate Overseas.

As authorized visa agents in Lahore, we can assure you that our services are reliable. As one of the top Visa Agents in Lahore, we make best efforts to process Visas quickly, so you don’t have to worry about it.

The most common visas used by foreign nationals when entering another country are permanent residence immigrant visas or temporary stay nonimmigrant visas. A Canada tourist visa is required for foreign visitors entering Canada for a short-term stay such as a short course, temporary work assignment, visit to family or relatives, vacation, holiday, etc. .

Why Sherazi Tours?

  • We are a known visa consultant in Lahore with some unbeatable characteristics such as –
  • More than 9 years of combined experience as immigration consultants.
  • Apart from being the desirable immigration consultancy in Lahore, we have significant presence in other major cities of the country like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and others.
  • Succeeding and expanding immigration consultancy with more than two and a half decade of continued presence.
  • Offering comprehensive range of services from permanent residency and temporary visas to business immigration or overseas education.
  • An expert and dedicated team of professionals working round the clock to be updated with the latest immigration trends and policies for different countries.
  • Committed approach of our counsellors to give personalized attention to every profile and carefully giving the road map for further process guided by an in-depth analysis of the possibilities.
  • We always look forward to make amicable and long-lasting relationships with our clients and the same thought is reflected in the manner of services that we offer.

Hear the words from our clients

You can judge us best when you listen to what our client has to say about us. You can visit the testimonials from our clients on our website and also go through the reviews from our genuine clients. The appreciation and recognition of our expertise from our clients are our most prized possession and a true mark of our success.

Why are we the best immigration consultants?

The journey to being the best Study Visa consultants in Lahore is a result of constant efforts and efficiency. We have been a part of thousands of successful immigration stories and we look forward to add more to the existing numbers each day. We operate on the ideals of trust, transparency and ethical conduct and that is what distinguishes us from the rest. We have strived to be better with each passing day and as we move along, we commit to deliver the best to each and every client who associates with us.

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Many Benefits and Fast Process

Our services are tailor made to suit our client’s needs – we see you as an individual, not a name on an application form.

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Best Immigration Consultants in Lahore


SHERAI TOURS Consultant in Lahore for USA, Canada, Portugal, Granada And China:

Are you Glaring for the best immigration and student visa Consultants in Lahore? Or want a study abroad and get secure approval conveniently? If the answer is yes, then there are the best immigration consultants in Lahore. Now the query Aries, if all the consultants provide reliability? Or are they trustworthy? Maybe yes or no and if yes, then if all the consultants betray their clients?

All the answers arise in the client’s mind all the time when they consider the consultant as visa guidance and PR and TR Resistance. Therefore, to avoid deformation, then find a consultant in Lahore who has good reviews and reliable services. Genuine sources like SHERAI TOURS are the best immigration Consultants in Lahore that have an investment and regulations council with other countries that we mentioned earlier.

Expert Visa Consultant in Lahore:

Sherazi Consultant has guidelines that they provide to their clients for PR or TR and Visit Visa and also for those students who have the dream to migrate to Granada and have a job designation.  We have consulting and counsel with countries like Granada and USA and Canada.  Our expert team guides clients according to their mindset and makes their fantasies into reality. Because SHERAI TOURS can promise those words they can turn into a reality-based factor.

How expert visa consultant can slog?

When your exposure multiple expert visa consultants they all have the same procedure to start your visa consulting criteria. First, they have to keep your personal information and ask some important questions regarding your traveling to other Continentals. Your background, your reason to travel as you travel for the case of job or in an instance for a Vista visa or the education manner. This is important to get your visa efficiently.

Documents Preparation:

Once we are briefly finished with your information. The procedure starts gradually. The agent prepares the legal process of your documents. Then our experts use this legal method process to verify your documents and cross-check the documents twice before submission. So, for further there is no such effort or difficulty in your immigration visa process.

Scheduling your study abroad interview:

After submitting your documents with the proper legal procedure, the crucial time for that is interview preparations. SHERAI TOURS take responsibility for making you fully prepared because once we make a promise to our clients then we have to prove it to make it worth it. Interviews were conducted for further countries which you mentioned in your documents. The agent will guide you on what type of questions can be asked by you and how you deal with those questions in verbal communication. And if you want an immigration visa for job residency then what type of questions do you answer also prepared the clients for the further test they have passed.

USA visitor’s Visa consultant in Lahore:

First of all, we have to take a little bit of look at visit visas to the guidance of our clients.

What is a visitor visa?

A visitor visa is a travel visa in which a person travels across countries for the sake of a job and financial benefits or the sake of visiting families. The visitor visa can be TR to PR depending on the immigration consultant guide or agent you visited. First of all, temporary Residency Visa (TRV) is somehow a guest visa. Like if you are willing to visit the USA for the sake of a job and to visit the country then you need a consultant that can guide you throughout the process of traveling. Connect with the Consultants which have good reviews and the beneficial services they provide to their clients.

A tourist visa allows you to visit the USA for admission purposes the USA authorities have the prerequisite responsibility for that person to manage the immigration students.

The Responsibility of a USA tourist visa, or visit visa include:

  • A visitor has the follow the rules and regulations of that country and also have to follow the laws they made.
  • For example, someone who travels on a tourist visa or student visa cannot engage in which they study full-time or any type of work that mismanaged their scheduling.

If you want a TRV to PRV then you have to find out the job search strong. In this SHERAI TOURS, the best immigration consultant will help you out with this and properly guide you. For any issue, you have to call once and we have to help for finding the job you want.

USA Visit visa consultant in Lahore­:

An adequate and noble Consultant will check all the documents wisely and properly and also check whether all the requirements of documents are legally clarified so that their clients can’t do as much effort. If you are scared of immigration consultants and have any doubts and make your tourism more reliable and easier without any anxiety and want to make sure that all your documents are legally submitted.

Then Call SHERAI TOURS which is the best immigration consultant in Lahore. You can easily feel free to contact us. We make sure that our services can provide beneficial factors to our clients and are good enough for their consulting. Our expert teams can consult students for study visas so that they can easily submit their application forms and be trouble-free for their tourism in the USA without any stress from illegal procedures and find their job under licit documents.


SHERAI TOURS is the best immigration consultant in Lahore. We can’t say it only in words but we can also prove it from our best service consultation which is very beneficial for our clients we prioritize our clients. Our team of experts of consultants can make do one’s best to satisfy their clients.  We conclude the immigration visa documents to the administration so that our clients have no hesitation meeting directly with foreign country Consultants. Because trust can build everything and well said once that don’t judge a book by its cover so if you don’t serve from us you don’t know how we dealt with our clients. We also make sure that your documents are legally approved by the administration of foreign countries. If our clients have to find a job on behalf of their tourism visa, then we can also provide them with that they can easily apply for our consultant team members are hired to guide our clients and make full efforts so you can find a job and help you out from this matter.

You can easily connect with us for a further immigration visa and student visa without any seek you can make you’re consulting comfortable.

Expert Immigration and Visit Visa Consultants in Lahore:

For the strive of information about TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) and PRV (Permanent Resident Visa) then here you can comfortably contact with us. SHERAI TOURS is the place where you discover the best assistance you want. Experts provide bit part to guide their customers in the right way and make your mindset very concise to make your dream reality-based. Our directors have come with extensive working experience they acquired while working in Canadian, Australian, and Granada countries primarily. Best Immigration consultants in Lahore are a lot everywhere but the trustworthy ones are found less.

Aiding clients with multiple immigration Aspects:

firstly, we hire our expert team to manage all the immigration amenities to help customers and try to comprehend them. They provide the Services they can have. Now, they proudly agreed the awareness gossip with the following countries like the USA, Canada, Granada, Portugal, and more. They provide job designation as well as immigration in these countries and also consulting in student visas. You can also get a green card visa in the USA nation which has PKR 60,000 bank statements and or property ownership required. Visa for any country will be valid for 5 years, after 3 years of holding a subclass 491 visa, applicants can apply for permanent residency in a skilled visa provided by the SHERAI TOURS Consultancy in Lahore. The fastest way for our clients to immigrate to the US for the following criteria:

No age required or no educational requirements.

Our main achievement is to keep happy clients with our favor and that’s the motive of our company because no one can make words true or can turn them into reality as we do.

SHERAI TOURS clients Feedback:

SHERAI TOURS can make their clients satisfied with their services. there are a lot of immigration consultations in Lahore but the company with the equitable services can provide you the finest. Our customers are highly appreciated us on our services of immigrations consultant and also the difficulties they have to face but sherazu help them out and  make their journey clearly established for our help. Like on of our customer describe that it was extremely important in deciding where to pursue my undergrad, the someone talked about mortgages (it’s a type of loan used to purchase or maintain a home or land or other types of real estate). The importance of social life, and the expenses and job difficulties.  So, thank you SHERAZiour clients’ feedbacks are mentioned in our website that describe that once we make a promise then it’s our responsibility to make your destination plain.

I’m Noman Soumra. From Lahore, Pakistan and I’m working full-time as a ‘Business Development Manager’ in Texas, United States. I’d say that my experience with SHERAZI TOURS was exceptional. 11/10. It isn’t easy for immigrants to land a job in States, but thanks to the guys at SHERAZI, as they not only migrated me, they also helped me get a job.

Reliable Service Businessman

Arsalan’s advice was extremely important in deciding where to pursue my undergrad, given my academic standing. The first time someone talked about Mortgages, the importance of social life, living expenses, and getting internships ASAP


Hey. Salman Bhutta here, and I am settled in Melbourne. I belong to Civil Engineering background and I’m currently working as a Construction Supervisor. I was always told that the Middle East will be my destination if I want to stay in this field but I always wanted to settle in either Canada or Australia. I got a chance to sit with the SHERAZI TOURS guys, and they told me a rock-solid plan on how I can settle in Australia within a year. Although it took me 14 months, but I’m just glad I opted for SHERAZI TOURS.

Highly Recommended!…

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We believe that global education needs to be redefined for today’s borderless world. And we are the changing face of this new wave of global education.






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We believe that global education needs to be redefined for today’s borderless world. And we are the changing face of this new wave of global education.

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